Our aim at hechoenespaña.com is to cover the needs to develop business models focused on end users. We are pioneers in the world of business directories of consumer goods as well as we consider that developing business models aimed at companies should also be affordable. On the one hand, we focus our efforts on developing technologies with application to e-commerce companies, marketing and improvement of B2B (Business to Business), as well as B2C (Business to Consumer) contacts. Futhermore, our goal is to attract new customers to new markets, both foreign and domestic. Our website provides them with exchange, request and product showing services.

Today, Internet provides a vast variety of opportunities to expand B2B business models based on the following criteria

  • Speed and safety in communications.
  • Easy integration of processes and business internal communication: intranet, extranet
  • Possibility of expanding the scope of your company in order to find new partners to collaborate with.
  • Pre-sales process costs lowering: virtual meetings, proposal requests, online deal auctions, etc.


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At hechoenespaña.com we wish to connect both companies and end users in order to offer them products and services of hosted companies. Through this, and by means of on-screen virtual panels, e-forms and electronic mail, they will be able to exchange business ideas, find new partners and search for suppliers, as well as carry out large purchase transactions, rappels and stock.Events such as trade fairs, seminars, congresses and marketing campaigns play an important role on reinforcing the identity of companies and Spanish-Made «Ñ-Products“.

Companies are generally prone to acquiring products and taking out services from the companies which they feel more identified with.Also, an online presence is one of the most important aspects on substantiating effective marketing strategies today. For each individual customer, we create specific online contents that allow our partners to potentially communicate with them. Besides, the setting up and updating processes of quality websites and blog contents enable the interaction between the portal and the resources that the companies provide, as well as Organic-Positioning-(SEO) and Payment-(SEM)-based campaigns on the Internet.

Hecho en España

Steps aimed to meet the acquisition of your own internet domain, give visibility to your brand, establish credibility and build Lead Nurturing Channels conformed to Funnelor Purchase Processes by an end user are highly relevant issues.All of these actions make it possible to maintain direct contact with users, offer the most favourable contents according to their interaction with your company or brand, as well as stand out from the rest. Eventually, our Partners are also given professional advice, are duly instructed and suitably trained so that their products can be sold and their services can be hired

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